Enter your business for a chance to win one of the following categories and the coveted Best in Business 2019 Award

Independent Retailer Award
sponsored by Jones Robinson
Judges will be looking for the entrepreneurial retailer who has a viable, well thought out retail proposition providing not only an attractive product but also a high degree of customer service and long term profitability.

“Independent” means not part of a chain or national brand.

In addition judges will consider how this business is contributing to the overall success of retailing in the area.
Small Business Award
sponsored by PBA Accountants
In assessing this category, judges will be looking at a breadth of accomplishments and strategies which make the enterprise a success in terms of its profitability and its profile within the county and its marketplace.

The category is open to those with a turnover under £1million and therefore, judges will be keen to investigate the scope of the business’s achievements since its launch, its progress and its planning for the future.

Aspects which will be scrutinised include – staff development, products and services and their continual review, profitability, environmental undertakings, community awareness, and use of marketing.
Customer Service Award
sponsored by Newbury Racecourse
In this category the judges will be looking for a strong customer service culture integral to all aspects of the business operations. Evidence of this should be provided from customer feedback and research into customer loyalty and how this has a positive impact on the sales and profit of the business.
Training and Support Award
sponsored by Tigers Day Nurseries
This award is given for employers who offer the best training and support for all staff.
Best Employer Award
sponsored by The HR Department
Judges will be keen to see submissions in this category how, as an employer, you take care of your employees so that they can take care of your business.
Best Use of Marketing Technology Award
sponsored by Generate UK
This award is open to business of all sizes, operating in any sector who can demonstrate how their business has developed significantly through the use of marketing and technology. The judges will want to see how your strategy was created, how you overcome any challenges, how the use of technology played its part, how the strategy was implemented, how it was measured and the results it delivered?
Innovation in Business Award
sponsored by HSBC
For this award, the judging team will want to find a business which has, over the past 12 months, dramatically and profitably improved its sales/revenue performance through the use of an innovative undertaking.

This award is open to new and mature, small and large businesses - whether in a B2C, B2B, retail or service sector. Judges will be particularly impressed by those nominees who can demonstrate how they have developed a clear strategy and dramatically altered their prospects – perhaps through online channels or other well considered and contemporary techniques of exposing their brand to the marketplace.

The judges will want to see evidence of increases in visitors, orders, enquiries and/or sales - and the return on investment gained.
Charity or Community Award
sponsored by Greenham Trust
Organisations not operating for profitable means are encouraged to enter this category as their chance to shine.

Judges will be keen to see business models where the aims and objectives set down in the infancy have been accomplished, and where future planning and continuous creativity is always part of the business model.

Judges will also look carefully at what the not-for-profit has achieved for its audience, how it attracts people to work with and for it, how it develops staff / members / volunteers, what innovative techniques it has introduced and how well its profile has grown in recent times. While charitable income will of course be assessed, the amount of revenue will not be a deciding factor in the decision process.
Regional Event Award
sponsored by Parkway Shopping
This category is looking to recognise an event of any description; either taking place for the first time in the past year or one that has been established for some time. The judges will be looking for innovation, organisation and participation.

Entries must specify some precise objectives for the event and how they were achieved. Research and feedback from those who attended would strengthen the application. Financial goals can be either directly as a result of the event e.g. fundraising for charity; or the impact that the event had on the area, such as local retail or hospitality.

Finally the judges would like to understand how this event has enhanced the local community.
Best In Business 2019
sponsored by Cobbs Farm Shop and Kitchen
This is the award of awards in the world of West Berkshire and North Hampshire. This accolade will go to the winner of winners – picked by the judges and not for separate entry.

Judges will look for a brand or organisation which has achieved great things in the last 12 months.

They will assess the company’s brand profile within its customer audience, its financial standing, its community relations and its environmental sympathies.

Judges will particularly be looking for an organisation that they can be proud to have as an ambassador of working life in the area.

The winners of all but the charity or community category will be considered by our headline sponsor Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen for the Award of Best Business of the Year 2019. The winner of the charity or community award will be the recipient of the money raise at the Awards Dinner on the 1st November 2019.


Entries to be completed and returned by July 5th 2019.

Awards Dinner will be held at Newbury Racecourse on Friday 1st November Please note: All shortlisted businesses will need to attend the Awards Dinner to be in with a chance of winning.